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I Districts Trade are areas with homogeneous characteristics for which public and private offering of integrated interventions in the common interest of economic development, social, cultural and environmental improvement of urban and spatial reference.

After the success of first place in the call-up of the Regional District of Trade of Busto Arsizio, formed by:

Comune di Busto Arsizio, as leader

Uniascom the Province of Varese

Ascom Busto Arsizio

Dealers Committee Citizen Center

Chamber of Commerce of Varese

Cooperative Credit Bank of Busto Garolfo and Buguggiate

Ascom Services Bust


What is a district of Trade


The Districts of Commerce are an innovative way of operating on the territory, are born in major cities of Europe 'in the 90's and spread rapidly in many inner cities around the world. We can consider the response of the trade of "neighborhood" in this historic centers or neighborhoods, to the massive and competitive presence of large shopping centers in urban or rural transport.  

Recognizing the role of trade as a strategic factor of economic development and social growth of the territory, Regione Lombardia By decree of the Director General for Trade, Fairs and Markets No 8951 August 7, 2008, approved the first call to promote the "Districts of Commerce for competitiveness and innovation distribution systems in urban areas of Lombardy " implementing the criteria established by Decision No VIII/7730 24 July 2008.

Through " directed unit "Composed of representatives, trade associations in trade and crafts, local chambers of commerce, theRegion, the common reference, and through coordination of a manager, are undertaken for strategic, synergistic and shared with the objective to develop and enhance the attractiveness, accessibility, visibility, trade and quality of life of a specific territory, which they called "District".

The idea of strategic and innovative business districts is to identify a territory where citizens, businesses, social realities and cooperating freely aggregates are able to make the trade and services, the factor of integration and enhancement of all resources.

Base of the project 's District Agreement whereby the different parties make commitments and roles required to achieve the objectives, taking into account that the subject leader of all the initiatives is necessarily l ' Municipal Administration .

The issues involved are:

-- communication and marketing district

- Promotion animation

- Structural characterization of urban

- Accessibility and mobility

- Security

-- management of shared facilities.

The success District And obviously its impact on the country over time, will pass through the negotiating skills of the parties who participate.

Reasoning, and work together for the common good with benefits that you probably will in time and not in the short term are maturity and design skills, a challenge that the District Trade Busto Arsizio has long sought and intends to pursue in the best way.

 The Staff of the District

Agreement between the District Partners

following subjects Partners for completion of the intervention program in the district for the regional flags of 24 July 2008 n.7730.

Comune di Busto Arsizio
- Mayor - Gianluigi Farioli

Uniascom - Traders' Association of the Province of Varese
- President George Angelucci

Dealers Association of Busto Arsizio
- President Romeo Mazzuchelli

Dealers Committee Citizen Center
President Rudy Collini

Chamber of Commerce of Varese
President Bruno Amoroso

Ascom Services Bust
- President Romeo Mazzuchelli



Commission District 

following members of the Commission of the District of Commerce of Busto Arsizio 2008/2010:

 District Manager: Luca Zanderighi

Franco Castiglioni
- Head of Trade Busto Arsizio

Romeo Mazzuchelli
- President Ascom and dealer Busto

Rudy Collini
- President CCCC and merchant

Gaetano Spinola
- Vice President and merchant CCCC

Louis Savino
- Treasurer Ascom and merchant

Bruno Ceccuzzi
- Director Ascom and trader

Brunella Tacori
- Secretariat CCCC and merchant

Mario Boragno
- Dealer

Fabrizio Mantovani

Simone Mantovani
- Contact BCC Cooperative Credit Bank

- Referrals Ascom

Dr. Lino Gallina
- Officer Uniascom Varese

Francesco Dalla
- Director Ascom Busto

Alessandro Castiglioni
- Deputy Director Ascom Busto

Michela Moriggi
- Secretariat committees Ascom

-- Referrals common Busto Arsizio

Alessandro Casale
- Business Office Manager

Massimo Fogliani
- Executive Office Culture

Dr. Maria Agostina Piovella Landoni
- Official Trade Office

Dr. Emanuela Bonecchi
- Media City of Busto Arsizio

-- Referent Varese Chamber of Commerce

Laura Hunt
- Promotion Manager Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Information

Dr. Henry Argentiero
Communications Office Varese Chamber of Commerce

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