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In its sixty years of the Traders' Association has gone hand in hand with the evolution of the city of Busto Arsizio and the surrounding area, active participation by leading to changes that led to the current size.

The social and economic growth of the city has paid the structure of the service category, linked to it as has always been inseparable from a wire.

Told by Charles Castiglioni
from 1945 to today



The situation in the city was rapidly normalized after a few days in excess of Liberation with some summary execution.

He immediately created a constructive atmosphere, supported by the willingness of everyone to rebuild the social and economic life in regained freedom.

And the big fear was over quickly for the arrival of the German column Stamm, whose members were persuaded to surrender to the border through the intervention of partisan groups led by American and Italian Luciano Vignati Lieutenant Icardi. Economic conditions were disastrous after the long period of war and German occupation.

There were still major problems for the supply of food necessary to ensure the normal maintenance of the population and it was hard to get out during the period of rationing and ration books.

But these tasks worked with great determination the first municipal council chaired by Advocate Camillo Tosi, who had convinced the collaboration of all categories.

Memorable characters are the mayor at the time, the above Camillo Tosi and Luciano Vignaga partisan commander, Colonel Gino Oggioni commander square and components of the CLN, the Principal Deputy, Dr. Mossolin, porters, Luigi Morelli and Henry Tosi. In particular the group of priests who supported the Resistance Bustese, Monsignor Joseph Galimberti meet secretly in whose house the CLN, Don Giuseppe Ravazzani, Don Ambrose Gianotti Belloli the two brothers, Don Antonio and Don Mario, Don Angelo Volonte.

There was no need for special interventions with regard to the recovery of the Association. Traders left immediately with clear ideas.

Constituted the first Board of Directors, Stephen Chierichetti President, and on the advice of the CLN just a month after the Liberation unanimously offered me the position of Director, with the specific task of reconstructing the free association. In a short time everything was back to normal, with difficulty, no doubt, but with great composure.

Until December of '45 we worked exclusively in Busto Arsizio, with the organization of meetings of category, which proceeded to the nomination of their representatives. As of January of '46 we began to operate in Valle Olona.

While in Busto had decided to create categories for product field, each with its trustees, in the Valley of the trustees were appointed municipal liaise with the Association.

We spent the early days of significant activity in cohabitation with the Chamber of Labor, over the credit Varesino In Piazza San Giovanni. A house last no more than three or four months, but that made us great inconvenience. We were not welcome, obviously at some point we have been dislodged Then we turned in common, Senator John Rossini and thanks to the availability of Stefanino Ferrario managed to get two rooms at the headquarters ONMI, in Candiani. Here we remained until 1950 when we could have the first real home at the Villa Lissoni.

And there we remained until 1956. During the two decades corporations Bustese traders were part of the 'Traders' Association of the Province of Varese.

After the Liberation, in the capital there was the attempt to propose the same thing. We wanted to create a free association, the same design also took hold in Gallarate and Saronno. So in Varese, at first he was created a liaison office of the three associations.

At the end of 1946, thanks to the intervention of parliamentarians to overcome the resistance of Varese that have realized the irreversibility of our intent.

So there was established at provincial association of top-down type, but an organization initially called the "Union of Associations Bendanti the Province of Varese, which would be dealt with questions of a general without prejudice to the autonomy of the individual associations.

And it was, I think rightly emphasized, the first non-associative system of top-class. We deal with problems strictly commercial collective purchases at the source, even with the support of municipalities. So groups were formed for collective purchases, followed in '50, the group that formed the Cooperative Butchers.

It went on for several years the initiative then slowly disappeared.

It was an idea most likely precursor of the times, who struggled to get into the mentality of the time.

Then it literally exploded in subsequent years, especially in the food, with the rise of new groups of various kinds. However, I later changed social conditions and trade with the invasion of supermarkets, and the fortunes of these supermarkets, and the fortunes of these groups began to decline.

That happened a lot over time, buying groups between wholesalers and retailers have also merged with some organizations in other areas, but the situation changing fast. In addition, the Association, held business support services for all matters relating to economic activities, for tax purposes, administration and enforcement of legislation that were enacted by democratic parliament elected by the people, laws which were marked by a market economy. In this context, through the Association, traders sought to manage their own health mutuality working to get the legislature to recognize the Mutual Fund and further protection for the management of security.

... pace with the times ..

The association has always been behind the times in its organization. And today, those who enrolled, with a modest share of benefits from any type of assistance, including legal and tax free information, assistance and mutual benefit. The number of employees increases and therefore it was necessary to find new locations progressively larger and more functional.

And that to meet the new demands of organizational and union with the staff of the four initial units of 1945 up to 35 units of the 90 increase justified by the requirements to fulfill the commitment to the Association required by the high number of member companies and those who use the company Ascom Services bust.

It 'been in recent years that have created the conditions for the number of employees increase, the new and more complex administrative burden, especially legal and tax purposes. It gave impetus to new activities.

The size of the association, until a few years ago, has been growing as the number of members as well as complexity of services.

In recent years, while services for members continue to be enhanced and improved, the number of members is slightly less, for terminations "physiological". We have a large enrollment rate, we were also 90 percent of the exhibitors of the trade.

Today is something less, but the excluded are very few.

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