Varese Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce of Varese has functions of general interest to the system of provincial companies, taking care of development in the local economy.

The Chamber acts as a reference point strong and concrete support of many public policy concerns of the 66,000 companies operating in the province of Varese.


Acting for local businesses for excellence in business and therefore ensure an adequate level of economic development to the area.


To achieve its mission, the Chamber of Commerce of Varese will focus and concentrate all efforts on the centrality of the company, as the true engine of our development: an integrated into a system characterized by ever increasing globalization and, therefore, international competitiveness with respect to which even the shareholders of chambers must be consistent, high-quality and possibly stimulating.

Reference values

The system of values which inspired the entity's share is attributable to the following basic principles:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurial excellence of individual firms

Capacity and entrepreneurial skills and managerial and strategic vision of the systemic, proactive approach to the dynamic environment, competitive differentiation strategies, research innovation and continuous improvement, economic sustainability, assets and liabilities, environmental and social responsibility are some of the elements characterize entrepreneurial excellence.

Supporting entrepreneurs, managers and workforce development and the development of this "talent" is the objective of interventions Chambers, through its strategies and initiatives to support technological innovation and process innovation, training, dissemination of culture environmental and social supply routes structured internationalization and stimulating the use of e-government.

  • Foster excellence in the territorial system

In order for the excellence of the individual from becoming territorial system of excellence for the benefit of all stakeholders, should maximize the links between companies and between them and the world of research universities, institutions, associations, etc. ..Should be summarized in the territory and convey to it the added value of cohesion and logic of the "system", which are confirmed as key criteria to compete in the global market.

Chamber of Commerce adopting strategies of local marketing, communication, networking of local and international business support aggregation, enhancement of the specific productive land, investing in order to give visibility to the area, bring out the excellences and place them at service of all, open up new opportunities for dialogue and partnership businesses.

  •  Foster excellence in policy and public and private initiatives

The Chamber of Commerce is not just a person who performs services required by the rules, but an institution which qualifies contributing to the modernization of the institutional system and the competitiveness of businesses, playing a leading role in policy development and local economy in the revitalization of public administration.

In the path that the Chamber of Commerce of Varese will it take to excellence shows some of the milestones that support the longer term: the computerization of processes, the formation of human capital, the connection between the objectives and results.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce of Varese will play the role of subject driving in the process of promoting e-government services for businesses and the market "territory, stimulating the use of new methods of communication and developing interoperability between public administrations.

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