The Committee is a Citizen Center Dealers Association, founded in 1983 by a group of enterprising businessmen with the common goal to enhance, revitalize and enhance economic and commercial potential of the old town of Busto Arsizio.

Since then it has been a long time and many initiatives have been successful, but the enthusiasm of the CCCC is always the same.

Through unity and cooperation of more than 200 stores have been promoted over the years events have now characterized the life of the city.
Among the classic appointments include:

- Come to live "
The Center of Christmas "
During the month of December, ahead of Christmas, the center of the city sparkles with lights and many initiatives for large and small. Piped music, laboratories and playgrounds for children, concerts in the streets, charity events and much more await you in the center of Busto Arsizio.

- "
Come to the Center on Thursday evening "In the months of June and July, August and September
Since 1993, the Committee calls for the opening night of business organizing some events that attract the many citizens who have now gotten into the habit of walking and shopping on a summer evening. The initiative has had immediate success came from Busto Arsizio, and has been imitated by many neighboring municipalities.

Polenta and Bruscitti in piazza
As tradition bustocca, when Gioeubia, the last Thursday of January, after the usual propitiatory stake, the European Merchant City Center, with the cooperation of the butchers of Bust, the Magisterium of Bruscitti and support of common, distributed free in the square St. John over 4,000 pieces of polenta and bruscitti!
A warm the soul, to greet the end of winter, do not miss a glass of wine for everyone.

Spring in Bloom
throughout the month of April the spectacular setting of flowers and plants in the squares of the center.
Event created by nursery gardeners and florists of the area in collaboration with the 'Municipal Administration, l' Ascom and the Committee Dealers Citizen Center

Too newsletters Center
The Center too is a biannual newsletter promoted and realized by the Committee Dealers City Center, over 15,000 copies printedand distributed in all the shops of the Center and in public places (Common, library stations, etc ...) Inside you will find with the historical memory, photos, programs, appointments, interviews, events, shopping and much more.

COUNCIL 2007-2010

President: Rudy Collini
Vice President: Gaetano Spinola
Secretary: Brunella Taccori
Treasurer: Andrea Tosi
Area VP internal relations: Marzia Ghirardello
Fabio Gallazzi
Francesca Boragno
Giovanni Colombo
Ludovica Dodero
Gianfranco Piran, Pierluigi Crespi
Francesca Liscaio, Franco Maggio, Paola Bien, Enzo Memelli,
Canio Petruzzi, Renato Millefanti, Giampiero Rimoldi
Emiliano Ranieri, Andrea Gaier, Cristina Riganti
Mario Boragno, Angelo Demasi, Laura Mainini, Sebastian Darrigo
No. coord. Committees Ascom: Michela Moriggi

Editorial Summer 2009

Nothing but bad luck!The Thursday evening in downtown defy crisis and superstition, and for the 17th time offering a summer full of events organized in synergy with associations and clubs of the area.
With big news: the arrival in Busto Arsizio urban district of Trade, which, thanks to a successful partnership between local Committee of Merchants of the city center, Ascom, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and the BCC have seen our city ranked first -- overcoming the "giants" such as Bergamo - inherent in the regional rankings this new reality of territorial promotion.
A result that rewards 25 years of commitment by the CCCC and that, thanks to public-private partnership, will lead to restructuring, parking and other measures that will make even better "the mall natural" consists of the 200 shops of our historic core.
And not only ...

Rudy Collini
President of the Citizen Center Dealers


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